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Sendyne SFPGFD Module





Please Note: The SFPGFD has been replaced by the SIM100. Please visit the SIM100 page.


Sendyne SFPGFD Ground Fault Detection, High Voltage and Current Measurement IC and Module

The Sendyne SFPGFD IC and Module is the first single IC and module capable of performing ground fault detection / isolation monitoring while simultaneously providing accurate current, high voltage and temperature measurements.

― Performs ground fault detection / isolation monitoring
― Detects all sources of leakage
― Applies deep filtering & averaging on the measured data, resulting in a high level of noise rejection
― Measures ±450 V continuous and ±650 V momentary overvoltage (extendable)
― Built-in calibration for voltage measurements
― Measures 300 A continuous, 1500 A peak
― Current measurement / Coulomb counting accuracy of 0.25% from –40 °C to +125 °C
― Isolated front end for “high” or “low” side current sensing
― Built-in compensation for resistance dependence of the shunt on temperature from
― Temperature reporting in degrees Celsius
― Standard LIN interface, other protocol available
― AEC-Q100 qualified IC
― Low power consumption

― HEV and EV Power systems monitoring
― Charging stations
― Battery monitoring, industrial, railroad and utility-scale storage


SFP Application Notes / FAQs (relates to current / voltage / temperature measurement)

Instructional Videos
SFPGFD Kit Contents and Quick Start Guide
SFPGFDMOD Software Installation
SFPGFD Functionality Demo
SFPGFD Current Measurement Demo

SFPGFD Control Software V1.0

SFPGFD Node Capability File (NCF)
(please visit Sendyne's GitHub page)

Part numbers:
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SFPGFDMOD-KIT (evaluation kit with LIN to USB cables)

Using SFGFD for Isolation Monitoring

Using the SFGFD for Isolation Monitoring


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