Sendyne introduces first turnkey module capable of precisely measuring currents from mA to kA while simultaneously measuring 3 High Voltages
Cost-effective, automotive grade SFP200MOD designed for EVs and ESS, communicates via CAN2.0B; impervious to problems associated with Hall Effect devices

New York, New York,January 10, 2017–

Sendyne, a developer of sensing, modeling/simulation and control products, is introducing the SFP200MOD, the first turnkey module capable of precisely measuring currents from mA to kA, while simultaneously measuring three high-voltage potentials (800 V nominal, 1000 V / channel max) accurately. Designed specifically for the needs of electric vehicles (EVs) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS), this cost-effective, automotive grade member of Sendyne’s SFP family communicates via an isolated CAN 2.0B interface (500 kbit/s).

The module incorporates Sendyne’s SFP200 IC and the company’s new 18 μΩ shunt. Due to Sendyne’s proprietary and patented technology, the module measures current with an accuracy of better than ±1.0 % (typically ±0.5%) over the entire operating temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C.  For ease and exactness of State of Charge (SOC) estimation, the SFP200MOD provides separate charge, discharge and total Coulomb output. The module can be powered from a wide voltage supply rail of nominal +5/+9/+12/+24/+36/+48 V without any modifications or adjustments.  

The SFP200MOD is fully isolated and capable of attachment onto either the high side or low side of a battery (or anywhere in between). Unlike Hall Effect sensors, the SFP200MOD is impervious to noise and errors commonly associated with such magnetic-type measurement modules. Further, the output of the module is digital and therefore can communicate directly with a Battery Management System (BMS) without the need for analog to digital conversion.

Sendyne is capable of quickly modifying the SFP200MOD to meet specific customer needs, such as reporting power referenced to a specific voltage input, changing nominal voltage range, or accommodating other communication interfaces.  Pre-released to select customers, the SFP200MOD is already in use in the field, both in standard and customized configurations.

An evaluation kit consisting of the module, CAN to USB translator, cables, and demonstration software for PC platforms is available for $250. For high volume pricing please contact our sales team at

More information, including support documentation, is available here:

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