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March 5, 2021 --Sendyne CEO John Milios Discusses “The digital twin of batteries”, at the Embedded World Conference , 2021

June 15, 2020 -- “Safety of electric vehicle high voltage systems” is Presented at EVS33

October 5, 2019 -- Sendyne & Altair Jointly Present at the Global Altair Technical Conference on "Physics-based Cell and Pack Models for System Simulation"

September 26, 2019 -- Altair adds Sendyne battery system simulation software to support advanced EV battery systems design in Green Car Congress

September 24, 2019 -- CellMod™ Virtual Battery and BasicPackMod by Sendyne are now available for use by Altair HyperWorks® customers

September 11, 2019 -- Sendyne CEO and CTO to present “Hazards in High Voltage Battery Systems” and “Designing with Virtual Batteries”, at The Battery Show Conference

March 4, 2019 -- Yannis Tsividis, Sendyne's Chief Technical Advisor, Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

January 11, 2018 -- Sendyne Introduces First Li-Ion Battery Simulation Tool That Can Predict Cell & Pack Behavior With an Accuracy Better Than 5%

November 21, 2017 -- Sendyne Issued 16th Patent

September 12, 2017 -- Sendyne Awarded Chinese Patent for Novel Current Sensing Invention

June 2, 2017 --Loss of Battery-Cable Isolation Prompts EV/HEVs to Protect Against Potential Hazards in Power Electronics

May 16, 2017 -- Sendyne Issued 14th Patent

May 7, 2017 --Isolation monitor protects EVs and HEVs in EDN

May 4, 2017 -- Detecting electrical hazards during operation in CAN Newsletter Online

May 3, 2017 -- Isolation monitor detects potential hazards during operation in Charged Magazine

May 3, 2017 -- Detecting high voltage battery isolation failures in Electric Vehicles in EE News

April 27, 2017 --Isolation Monitor Detects Electrical Hazards During Dynamic Operation in Sensors Online,

April 27, 2017 -- Sendyne introduces first isolation monitor for EVs and HEVs capable of detecting potential electrical hazards during dynamic operation in Greencar Congress

April 27, 2017 -- Sendyne Introduces First Isolation Monitor for EVs and HEVs Capable of Detecting Potential Electrical Hazards During Dynamic Operation

January 10, 2017 --Module Simultaneously Measures Current From mA to kA & Three High Voltages in Sensors Magazine

January 10, 2017 -- Sendyne introduces first turnkey module capable of precisely measuring currents from mA to kA while simultaneously measuring 3 High Voltages

April 06, 2016 -- First IC + module to simultaneously provide ground fault detection, high voltage measurement and accurate Coulomb counting new 
from Sendyne

March 16, 2016 -- Sendyne’s Portable Lab-Grade Module Measures Current with 0.05% Accuracy over Full Temperature Range

February 5, 2016 -- Power Management ICs From Q3, Q4 2015 in Power Electronics

December 3, 2015 -- Sendyne SFP102 named EDN Hot 100 Product of 2015 in EDN

November 13, 2015 -- Sendyne Invents Novel Active Battery Cell Balancing Method

November 13, 2015 
Sendyne patents novel active battery cell balancing method in Green Car Congress

October 16, 2015 --Sendyne’s new current measurement module in Charged Magazine

October 14, 2015 -- Shunt-based module measures up to 375 A in EDN

October 9, 2015 -- Enclosed Module Enables Precision DC Measurement in Sensors Magazine

October 8, 2015 -- Sendyne Introduces Cost-Effective Enclosed Module for Precision DC Current and Voltage Measurement

July 22, 2015 -- Invention that Dynamically Cancels Offset Error in Current Measurements Awarded New Patent

May 8, 2015 -- Sendyne Sponsors Dutch Team in the 2015 World Solar Challenge

March 26, 2015 -- Aakar Patel Joins Sendyne To Lead Business Development

November 3, 2014 --Sensor IC offers precision current measurement: "any material" shunts in EDN Europe

November 3, 2014 -- Sensor IC offers precision current measurement: "any material" shunts in EETimes Europe

Fall 2014 -- IEEE Solid-State Circuits Celebrates Yannis Tsisvidis, Sendyne's Chief Technical Advisor

October 26, 2014
Sensor IC offers precision current measurement in EDN

October 20, 2014 --Sendyne's new SFP101 precisely measures current using shunt of any material in Charged EVs

October 16, 2014 -- Sendyne's New SFP101 Precisely Measures Current Using Shunt of Any Resistance Made of Any Material

October 2, 2014 -- Sendyne Awarded Patent for Novel Battery Pack Architecture

May 14, 2014 -- Gamma Technologies Achieves Comprehensive Hybrid Electric Vehicle Simulation with Integrated Battery Compact Physical Model from Sendyne

March 14, 2014 -- Sendyne SFP100 Current Sensing IC Named 2014 Finalist for EE Times and EDN ACE Awards for Ultimate Products: Analog ICS

March 4, 2014 -- University of Toronto and Sendyne to Present Innovative Power Supply Design for Mobile Devices at the IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2014)

January 17, 2014-- EDN Selects Sendyne's SFP100 as One of the 100 Hot Products of 2013

September 10, 2013 -- Sendyne to Demonstrate Battery Measurement and Modeling Technologies at The Battery Show

August 22, 2013 -- Sendyne Module First to Precisely Measure DC Current from 3 mA to 500 A Over the Automotive Temperature Range of –40 °C to +125 °C

April 9, 2013 -- Sendyne IC Achieves Ten-Fold Increase in Dynamic Range of Current Measurement

October 5, 2012 -- Sendyne Awarded Second Patent for Its High-Effficiency Active Cell Balancing Technology

February 6, 2012 -- Sendyne and the Univesity of Toronto Enter Research Agreement for Battery System Technology

March 3, 2011 -- Sendyne Awarded Key Patent for Utilization of Fuel Cells in Portable Devices





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